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Exclusive Life


Intense Nights


It is pulsating, it is vibrant. Suddenly, it is there: the joyous excitement that signals an extraordinary evening. All eyes beaming, conversation that sparkles, and the wonderful feeling of being suspended on air. Right in the middle of it all: PARANOID Invigorating,tingly and fascinating flavour.
Exciting and captivating.


Mild Days


A pleasant tingling. A gentle breeze. There is not a cloud in the sky. A taste of summer is in the air, and everything is easy, clear and light-hearted. Now for a PARANOID. Cool and elegant. Make this moment last!

Sparkling Life


It is barely perceptible, a gentle tingling sensation that is just out of reach. Yet it grows
stronger, like a rhythm exhibiting an ever more powerful pull. Anyone who continues
to stand still has only themselves to blame. This is where the action is right now.
For now : PARANOID. For those who want to
continually rediscover life and its rarer pleasures.


Still Joy


Dimmed lights, crisp linen. Crystal glasses, polished silver, delicate porcelain. Anticipation of an extraordinary experience for our senses. Also joining us: PARANOID.

A distinguished companion for life’s exquisite pleasures.




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